The Vague Sense of Freedom

For the past few months , I have been observing something. A very minute observation but yet very important. I feel like I’m being monitored. This is not just a feeling or a piffany this is based on acute observations.

Like this one time, I was talking to my friend on phone and we were discussing about some health supplements. As soon as I ended the call I get a notification from about the discounts on health supplements.


I have a friend who shares a very similar taste of music as me. One day out of nowhere I decided to hear some old songs which I used to hear in high school which included Shaggy and other artists. Next morning I see a Shaggy song in his YouTube recommendation.

Now I have experienced many episodes such as these.. but these are not enough to build a strong opinion. That is why I believe this may be a feeling or may not.

I feel like a very intelligent and complex AI is already here. Microsoft, Google, Facebook and YouTube all major websites are using it.

Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe this all could be just a conspiracy theory.

But we have to start getting deep into the functioning of these services which we are so depended upon.

The recent episode with Facebook reminds us that we must take these things for granted and must not turn a blind eye towards those who violate our right to privacy.

All this just gives a Vague sense of freedom.


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